Green Deal

Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd is an accredited Green Deal Installer based in Glasgow and serving Scotland and the North of England.

What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is an innovative funding scheme available across Scotland, England and Wales and is a way of letting people pay for energy-efficiency improvements on their homes by saving on their energy bills.

Launched at the start of 2013, it applies to both the domestic and non-domestic sector and replaces some current policies.

There has been a ‘Green Deal Registration and Oversight’ body created too, which means that companies like Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd register with the body in order that they can become an approved Green Deal  installer.

How it works – the four stages:

1. Assessment

This is carried out in your home by a Green Deal approved adviser or assessor (be aware that there may be a charge so check beforehand).  At the time of their visit, they will use computer software in identify the necessary energy efficient improvements and will also run through how the payment structure works. They will then identify which improvement will be most cost-effective, producing a report at the end of the assessment outlining the options.

2. Finance

Once you have your Green Deal assessment report, you can then shop around and locate a Green Deal provider convenient to you who then arrange finance to fund your energy efficient improvements.

3. Installation

The Green Deal provider with whom you have your finance arranged, will then select an installer who will carry out the necessary work. All installers such as Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd will be vetted and approved, so you have no worries about the standard or quality of the work.

4. Repayment

You pay back the money you have borrowed over time through your electricity bill but don’t worry – the amount your pay on your electricity bill will rarely increase. The finance you receive under the Green Deal is not like an ordinary loan and it will stay with your property – if you move the new homeowner will carry on paying.

The Green Deal is a way of helping customers make their home more energy efficient, bringing the customer significant savings as well as reducing the effects of harmful emissions and conserving non-renewable energy supplies. Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd is an approved installer under the Green Deal scheme.

For more information of the Green Deal in Scotland and the North of England, please contact Graham Roofing (Scotland) Limited.

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