Contract Work

Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd has formed strategic partnerships with other companies across Scotland and the north of England that give several advantages to any company, landlord, housing association, councils or building contractor looking for long term and high value contract work.

There are several methods to get the right contractor for the right job – at the right price!

Is time of the essence?

Occasionally, roofing work such as repairing damage can come as surprise meaning that there is not a lot of time to research, draw up notices and assess bids in response. If time is not of the essence – in other words the repair is not immediate – then taking valuable time to do the following will save you a whole heap of trouble when it comes to engaging a roofing company on a longer term or larger roofing project:

i. Setting parameters for bids

Clearly the best way to get comparative bids is to set boundaries and parameters to your contract notice; this way, contractors know what you are looking for and can give more concise details of costings and services.

ii. Plans

Some customers take the step of drawing up detailed plans of the roof in questions before hand and including this as part of the bidding process. This step will have to happen at some point although many projects have been pushed over their budget as the roof was more complicated and intricate than the roofing contractor first realised – necessitating an increase in costs. Don’t let this happen to your project!

iii. Company reputation

There are many companies who profess to be roofing ‘experts’ and only their references will be able to back this up. Ask around about a company – where they easy to deal with? Did they deliver on time and on budget? What was the quality of their installation and workmanship? Are they members of national federations and industry bodies?

iv. Do they have capacity?

With uncertain economic times, many companies are applying for contracts and bids but are failing to provide assurances that they have the capacity to complete the project from beginning to end. Don’t forget, there may also be ‘snagging’ to complete at the end of the project. Are the company able to complete these small repairs or upgrades within the time span?

v. Guarantees and after-care

Check what the roofing contractor is offering as part of their after-care service, as well as any guarantees for materials and workmanship – both by their own company and the products of other companies. How long will they support the products after installation?

Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd can provide favourable rates for both tendered or negotiated roofing contract work in both reactive and planned roofing maintenance contracts, as well as any major re-roofing –new build or refurbishment – along with external render projects.

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