Green Roofs

Graham Roofing (Scotland) Limited provide a green roofs service throughout Scotland and the North of England.

Green roofs are increasingly popular choice for people looking to refurbish their flat roof or creating a new flat roof.

Also known as ‘living roofs’, this type of flat roof is made up of a series of functional layers that recreate the conditions needed for plants to grow on its exterior. This technology dates back to the 1960s but only becoming popular in recent years as companies and people understood the process and concept better – as well as the increasing use of this type of roof on various television programmes. Clearly, the need to be more eco-friendly and sustainable in our habits has also contributed to green roofs gaining popularity.

A green roof consists of 8 layers (in ascending order):

  1. The inner most structure if the deck; this provided the shape and strength to the roof
  2. The next layer is vapour control which prevents moisture from seeking in from the outside of the roof, but also prevent moisture from within the building causing structural problems
  3. Insulation is also important in this green roof as in all roofs, and this layer follows on from the vapour layer.
  4. Specialist layer is then added and can use a variety of polymer or composite materials that allows for the ideal growing conditions on the outer layers that follow, without compromising the internal structure
  5. Drainage is then provided an important element in any flat roof; there needs to be adequate drainage that allows excess water to run freely away from the roof and the building as a whole
  6. The third layer from the outside is a moisture retention layer which would seem to go against any roofing technology but the green roof need moisture for the plants for them to thrive and grow. Without the plants, the roof is effectively useless.
  7. A growing medium – a thin layer of good quality soil full of minerals – is essential to support the ongoing health of the plants
  8. The plants themselves are the outer layer that protects the building from the elements. The choice of plant is also important. The plants need to be low-growing and stress resistant – in other words, they need to be plants that can tolerate the British weather and require very little, if any maintenance.

Green roofs are becoming incredibly popular but again, as with all roofing structures and projects, they need to be installed and maintained correctly. As an experienced roofing company, Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd is adept at dealing with traditional and modern roofing materials.

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