Guttering Services

Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd provides a guttering services to Scotland and the North of England.

Guttering is an essential part of our home. It is the external furniture attached the outside of our homes and businesses that channels rainwater away from the structure as quickly and efficiently as possible. Failure to maintain or repair guttering can lead to significant problems, both externally and internally.

Guttering Materials

Many Scottish properties, along with those found in the north of England still have the cast iron gutters and downpipes, synonymous with older properties. When these breakdown or corrode, it can be possible to replace them with similar looking pipes and gutters, but they are made from uPVC.

uPVC is a robust yet flexible material that when fixed correctly to your property will provide years of problem-free service.

Not only does Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd replace guttering, we also repair and maintain it. There are many common problems that are all quickly and easily resolved:

Sagging gutters – many gutters are not fixed correctly to the outside of a property. Frequently, the required number of brackets of fixings is not used and the weight of the water causes the gutter to sag. Likewise, the gutter should have a ‘run off slope’ to it; the gutter should be fixed at a slight angle, almost invisible to the naked eye and yet it causes the water to rung freely away. If the angle is not correct or the gutter has been fixed level, then water will pool, adding unwanted weight to the gutter.

Poor or inefficient maintenance – gutters need regular inspections and also cleaning if your property is located near deciduous trees. The shedding of leaves and other matter can quickly accumulate in gutter causing blockages that prevent the free draining of rain water.

Leaks – leaking rainwater from guttering can mean the property walls can quickly become stained. Over prolonged period, this rainwater can lead to damp inside the house too.

We can:

  • Replace guttering of any size, type or material
  • Provide ongoing cleaning, maintenance and repair of gutters on negotiated contract terms for a wide variety of clients
  • Provide our guttering services across Scotland and the north of England

With extensive knowledge, friendly and skilled staff, who better to come to for advice and services on guttering than Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd?

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