Lead sheet is one of the oldest and most durable of roofing materials, with many roofs across Scotland and the north of England having some form of leadwork on their roof structure.

Unfortunately, the qualities of leadwork were not always taken into account when it was fitted to the roof originally, which can cause expensive problems for unwitting property owners.

Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd are qualified and experienced in dealing with a wide variety of roofing materials  - from traditional materials such as lead through the more modern technologies involved in single ply roofing membranes.

Problems with leadwork can be a number of things but the most common are:

Movement – leadwork needs to be able to move; there can considerable change in the size of the leadwork from what it will measure in the warmer summer months to the harsh cold of winter. Frequently, lead work is ‘over fixed’ meaning it cannot fully expand or contract with the change in temperatures. This can lead to curling and lifting which can lead to damage and water seepage.

Fixings – fixings also need to be correct when it comes to leadwork on the roof. Lead is heavy and so fixings that are placed too near the edge of the material causes it to be ‘torn’ from what is known as wind lift. This is when wind is able to work its way under the lead material, lifting it, causing tears and rips. This again can cause water seepage and damage internal to your property.

Moisture – modern day buildings are becoming increasingly better insulated. Whilst this is essential for maintaining heat, reducing energy bills etc. if a building is not adequately ventilated, moisture can ‘gather’ in roof space internal to the property; over prolonged periods of time, this can have a corrosive effect on the leadwork. This can appear as a white powder on the underside of the lead.

Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd is a company with many years experience in all type of roofing maintenance, repairs and materials. Not only does leadwork need to be correctly installed in the first palce, it also needs expert repair and replacing. Contact us today for a competitive price for leadwork throughout Scotland and the north of England.

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