Built Up Felt Roof Systems

What is a Built up Felt Roof?

Sounds complicated but it is the type of roof that you will see on many buildings.

Developed in the 1940s as a response to the growing complexities of roofing irregular shaped or awkward roofs on new buildings, built up felt roofing systems consists of a series of layers that are places on top of each other the create an effective, watertight seal that becomes your roof.

This system is common on flat roofs and can be seen on many commercial buildings such as schools, with flat roofs extensions. Frequently, flat roofs have ‘skylights’ in them which can make creating an effective water tight roof a problem.

Built up felt roofing, along with all the various components and layers are made from flexible material that can be moulded into shape around corners of windows and other fixtures.

Modern Built up Felt Roof Systems

As you can imagine, felt roofing has changed with advances in technology with many of the layered components having changed so that this type of roof is even more durable and watertight.

A built felt roof system also offer many other advantages:

  • Fire Protection – there are now many built up felt roof systems that meet and exceed even the most stringent of fire regulations
  • Flexible – modern day felts and polymers used in the construction of this type of roof now offer greater flexibility so that the material can move with the building
  • Insulation – this type of roofing system can give increased insulating properties to a building and with the drive for increased sustainability and ecological responsibility, there are built up felt roof systems that use eco-friendly materials such as straw and wool
  • Adaptable – the range fo systems and materials now give this type of roof the greater flexibility to work in with nay designs for new of existing properties.

A built up felt roof system is a versatile solution to a variety of complex roofing structures. If you are thinking of investing in a built up felt roof system, then talk to the experts – Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd. have extensive experience, knowledge and skill when it comes to these systems. Offering a comprehensive roofing service throughout Scotland and the North of England, we offer competitive quotes and high quality products and services. Contact us today for more information!

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