Liquid Plastic Systems

Liquid plastic systems are a way of protecting a roof structure through the application of a liquid which then solidifies into one smooth surface. This creates a strong, effective, seamless and waterproof barrier.

The liquid plastic system can be applied to a variety of materials including asphalt, wood, stone, cement and metal sheeting. It also comes in a range of colours, meaning your new or refurbished roof can match or contrast the designs and aesthetic appeal of your property.

There are many advantages to liquid plastic systems as your roofing material:

  • It is incredibly strong and flexible, a combination that prevents brittleness but also tears and rips do not happen
  • It also has built in protection against damage caused by UV rays, as well as other chemicals present in the atmosphere. The chemicals stop the membrane from dehydrating, the common cause to rips, tears and damage.
  • It does not need replacing at the end of its life – another layer of liquid can simply added on top, once again giving excellent protection, performance and durability
  • There are a variety of manufacturers guarantees with liquid plastic systems, depending on which is chosen – the lifespan of these membranes are expected to last for a minimum of 10 years but up to 25 years in some cases
  • As it is applied as a liquid, which then solidifies, the membrane is seamless, free from joints or fixtures that can sometimes compromise and weaken the waterproof abilities of a roofing material
  • The applying of the membrane to the roof does not require the use of heat or a naked flame and activity can continue in the building as normal – great for offices, schools as well as a variety of other commercial and domestic properties
  • Far more cost effective as it can be applied over existing materials therefore making the use of scaffolding, removal of the old roofing material or temporary roofing is not needed, effectively decreasing the amount of time a roofing contractor needs to be on site – saving you money!

As an award winning roofing company, Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd is one of the best roofing companies operating throughout Scotland and the North of England. As well as liquid plastic systems, we also work with a variety of roofing materials from the very modern to the traditional. Contact us today for further information of liquid plastic systems and for a competitive quote!

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