Roof Tiling

If you need a new roof – whether re-roofing on an existing property or a new build – then you will also need to make a decision of which tile to use.

Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd, an award winning roofing company working throughout Scotland and the north of England,  can help with their extensive knowledge and impartial advice.

Broadly speaking, there are 4 roof tile options:

Plain Tiles – with the size of these tiles having varied little since 1477, they prevent rain water etc. from seeping into your property by being overlapped in a specific way. The edges of the roof will also need to be overlapped and laid in a certain way to ensure that the weather stay out. These types of tiles create an attractive and traditional looking roof.

Pantiles – these are recognisable from its squashed ‘S’ shape, giving the roof a distinctive flowing appearance. Originally made from clay, pantiles are also now available in concrete. Different parts of the UK for a variety of historical reasons tend to have certain trends in tiles; pantiles are common across Scotland and along the east coast of England as a result of trading ships from Holland carrying the original clays tiles to local ports.

Roman Tiles – these tiles are also instantly recogniseable from their flat shape with a small ‘roll’ running down the right hand side of the tile. They are available in single or double ‘roll’s format but the most common tile in use is the double format and are usually made from concrete.

Slate – a common roofing material, bluish/grey in colour and often associated with the slate mines of Wales, slate makes a stunning roofing material. A range of slate alternatives have been developed over the years, leaving the customer with some great choices and options.

Whichever tile choice you make, you can be sure that our advice will be impartial whilst making sure that your chosen roof tiles satisfy local planning demands that new roofs stay true to tradition and local styles.

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With such a wide choice, it can be a daunting task to make the right choice. Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd are one of the leading roofing contractors in Scotland – contact Graham Roofing (Scotland) Limited for a competitive quote today

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