What is roughcasting?

It is a type of exterior finish on a building. Small pebbles and gravel, along with similar types of material are added to concrete or plaster which is then used to coat the exterior walls of a building. When dried, it provides a rough surface that last for 20 years or more, with no maintenance!

Roughcasting and pebble dashing - the same thing?

No. Pebble dashing is where small pieces of gravel are ‘thrown’ against a soft cement finish.
Pebble dashing is a popular finish on domestic properties, where as roughcasting
was used extensively in its early years on commercial buildings.

The Craft of Roughcasting

Whilst it may sound like a haphazard process, it is difficult to create an even finish with roughcasting which is why many commercial premises and homeowners are turning to experienced companies such as Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd.

Clearly, the finish is a rough texture but the roughcasting needs to be applied to the walls so that the finish is even – that is, no thicker portions of roughcasting material with thinner pieces further along – as this will give the wall a weaved effect. Clearly, it also needs to be applied so that every part of the wall is covered, thereby providing an effective waterproof exterior.

There are many modern variations coming to the market now, including tinting and the adding of other materials to the roughcast mix, such as shells. This process is also becoming popular on interior walls too

Getting it right is difficult with roughcasting which is why you need a company like us. With vast experience in working with both traditional and modern materials, along with qualified, skilled staff and competitive pricing, we are the company to trust in Scotland and the north of England. Contact us today!

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