Single Ply Roofing

The technology behind single ply membrane systems allows maximum freedom when it comes to choosing roof design. Offering unbelievable qualities in terms of appearance and performance, this technology suits a variety of buildings – whether new build or roof refurbishment.

The Complete Roof System

Single ply membrane systems are constructed from strong, flexible sheets of synthetic polymer, a combination of technology and material that creates a complete roof system. Thickness varies between 1.1 mm and 2mm, depending on materials used and the application of the roof. Joints are robustly sealed to provide continuous waterproofing properties. Single ply membrane systems are considered within the roofing industry as one of the most durable roofing systems available today.

This type of roofing system is becoming common for flat roofing and within the commercial sector but the technology still new, there are a potential pitfalls – but can be avoidif you employ a experienced, skilled roofing contractor such as Graham Roofing (Scotland) Ltd!

We ensure that your single ply roofing system will be:

  • Installed correctly to the highest possible installation standards
  • Use the correct type of single membrane material for your roof
  • Joints will be effectively sealed, guaranteeing a waterproof roof
  • We can also provide regular inspections and maintenance or repairs of your single ply roof – essential to maintain its performance

Installed and maintained correctly, this roofing system will give 20 to 30 years of high quality performance. With a company like us, you can rest easy that your single ply membrane system will be the right investment for your property.

Contact us for further information on the exciting range of application options for this roofing system; you’ll be impressed at the competitive price too.

  • CHAS
  • BSI 18001
  • Intelligent Membrane Trade Association
  • Gas Safe Register
  • NFRC
  • Construction Line
  • Sika Liquid PLastics
  • BSI 14001
  • BSI 9001
  • SFHA